MeetLuxafor co2 Monitor

MeetLuxafor co2 Monitor

MeetLuxafor co2 Monitor

Luxafor CO2 Monitor lets you know by alarm that a room needs ventilation so that you can significantly reduce CO2 levels and avoid the risk of aerosol transmitted infections.

Luxafor CO2 Monitor analyzes air quality of a room and notifies you when it requires ventilation

The unseen dangers of viral airborne transmission
& how to prevent it

The most common way of transmitting microorganisms and viruses is by aerosols. Completely invisible, once they leave the mouth, these microscopic particles behave in a similar way to smoke, filling the space around.

Without ventilation, these aerosols remain suspended in the air and become increasingly concentrated with time, which increases the risk of infection.

These particles – which we also release into the atmosphere when simply breathing – can infect people who spend more than a few minutes within a five-meter radius of an infected person, depending on the length of time and the nature of the interaction.

Scenarios when ventilation saves lives

While we cannot see these particles, luckily, we can measure CO2 (Carbon dioxide) levels in the air – it’s a gas we breathe out together with the aerosol particles that may carry infectious viruses. Increased levels of CO2 in a room then signifies that the space may have these tiny contagious particles suspended in the air, requiring the room to be immediately ventilated.

In a bar with reduced capacity

If the premises are ventilated, which can be done with a good air conditioning unit or by keeping windows open, and the time spent in the bar is shortened, there is only the risk that one person out of fifteen will be infected.

Social gathering in a living room

The risk of infection drops to below one infected person when the group uses face masks, shortens the length of the gathering and ventilates the space used.

In a classroom with 24 students

If the room is ventilated during the lesson, either with fresh air or mechanically, and the class is stopped after an hour in order to completely refresh the air, the risk drops dramatically.

In The office

The risk of infection drops if natural ventilation is used to avoid the recirculation of infected particles. Workstations are organized in a zig-zag pattern and maintain a distance of two meters between each other.

Be informed when ventilation is needed

Know When To Take Action - get Detailed Information on air quality

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Luxafor CO2 Monitor forms a great habit of ventilating your premises regularly


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