5 effective ways to boost your productivity at work

Work demands results and for giving profitable results you need to be productive. The level of your activeness commands your productivity. However, the present circumstances are creating difficulties for the entire world. 

We the working men, women, and children of the society, are facing challenges like never before. These difficulties are increasing every single day, which is further leading to the loss of productivity. To make for productivity loss, you need to make some changes in your daily routine. 

For this, you need to adopt certain ways that will help you overcome the productivity problems. These ways will work as the directive source for you to get away from the bug of stress.

This blog beacons 5 effective ways by implementing which you can boost your productivity at work.  It will help you improve your performance. Further, it enables you to finish work in time and makes you feel happier about yourself. It is when you feel content about your work, you love being a part of it. It automatically increases your productivity and you start loving your field and work.

1. Pomodoro technique

This is the technique that helps you stay active and productive throughout your working schedule. You can implement this amazing technique by using Luxafor Pomodoro Timer. This powerful tool enhances the effectiveness of the Pomodoro methodology. It further allows you to manage your time and divides your day intelligently. It ensures that you take proper breaks, which you otherwise forget due to work pressure.

Steps of the Pomodoro Technique include the following simple initiatives :

1) Select a task to complete:

First of all, you have to select a task which you wish to complete. It may be anything like doing an assignment, creating a presentation, and studying the subject of your course curriculum.

2) Set the Luxafor Pomodoro Timer to 25 minutes:

Now, take the Luxafor Pomodoro and set it to 25 minutes. These 25 minutes represent your work interval. During this interval, you have to direct all your focus on the selected task. So, remember to make all the necessary arrangements beforehand. For example, if you have a presentation to make, then you should have all the necessary documents in hand. 

The prior arrangement of the draft material will smoothen your work process. It will also help you work with high concentration, as you do not need to bother about the research process now.

3) Start working and stay on the task until the Pomodoro Timer rings:

Once you have made all the arrangements, start the Pomodoro and begin working on the task. Further, you have to stay focused on the task, without being distracted by anything, until the Pomodoro rings. In short, you have to perform the task at your best during the work interval.

4) Take a short break for 5 minutes after the Pomodoro Timer rings:

After your work interval gets over and the Luxafor Pomodoro Timer rings, it’s time for you to stop and take a short break for five minutes. During the short break, you can do anything which makes you feel relaxed such as taking a walk, closing your eyes, and inhaling long deep breaths. Once the break gets over, it’s time for you to get back on the task.

Further, this break is a great way to relax your brain, even if it is just for five minutes. You must use these five minutes wisely so that after five minutes you are able to fully concentrate on work.

5) After four consecutive pomodoros take a long break:

Once you complete four consecutive pomodoros, you have to give yourself a long relaxing break. Its duration may be anything between 20 to 30 minutes. Although, you can take a longer break too, make sure it’s not too long.

You definitely have daily targets, so your long breaks should be in accordance with the burden you have for the day. Remember, the purpose of this technique is to increase your productivity, so you need to align everything in a similar manner.

2. Stay positive

Stay positive

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This is certainly very important for you to approve yourself to be productive. If you do not think positive, you will not be able to produce positive results. It is the dire need for you to have a positive set of mind. It is also because negativities puzzle your mind in thoughts, which are unnecessary. 

To stay positive, you can create a happy ambiance around. If you are working from home, then you can select any happy and calm place for yourself. This place can be the one, where you feel most energetic and relaxed.

3. Love your work

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One biggest secret to being highly productive at work is to love your work. If you do not actually love it, then try to fall in love with any relative element that motivates you. It is very important for your mind to give its best output. 

To make yourself fall in love with your work, you need to amend your vision for it. By removing the pessimistic approach, you are ought to build for yourself a creative environment. This very working culture will boost your productivity and you will draw benefits for your company.

Also, situations like the present pandemic will not subdue your productivity. Your passion and love for work will always conquer over the fear and you will outdo the targets.

4. Lower down the stress level

To produce high-quality work, you need to get yourself off from the stress issues. This is the basic requirement for your mind to work efficiently. If you are free from tensions and stress, then only you will be able to give the best results.

The very medium that can help you relieve pressure is meditation. This technique is a true stress buster and keeps you away from negative thoughts. Moreover, you can practise some yoga in the morning or in the evening to relax your mind.

Further, to keep yourself away from stress, you can listen to soft music while working. Also, while following the Pomodoro Technique, you can make music a part of your routine. In fact, listening to music while working is a very healthy exercise. It boosts your concentration. However, you should make sure the music should be soft and non-distracting.  

5. Pamper yourself

Pamper yourself

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This way of increasing your productivity works perfectly in alliance with the Pomodoro Technique. The breaks in the Pomodoro Technique gives you the ultimate space to pamper yourself. You can set the schedule of your breaks as per your likings and preferences. For instance, in the first break, you can have a quick ice cream cup, while in the second you can do a 5-minute yoga position.

This way, you earn yourself a pampering break. It further results in adding to your willpower for producing high profits in the next work session.

Life is of no use if you do not utilize each moment to its best. The same goes for work outputs. To ensure the proper implication of this belief in the workspace, you need to stay productive every moment. The Pomodoro technique proves to be the best source to produce high qualitative results at work. Along with this, increasing your passion for work and reducing your stress levels, can outrightly land you in a highly productive zone.

Do you want to build and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the Don't Break The Chain calendar and start today!

Do you want to build and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the Don't Break The Chain calendar and start today!

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